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Start learning the craft of playing a stringed instrument online. Unsure? Have questions? See Bmore Strings’ Online Lessons Guide for helpful advice. Visit Bmore Strings’ studio policy and rates pages for more information.

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Bmore Strings is moving to a new location at Meadow Mill

Meadow Mill Tower and interior staircase. Photos by Himmelrich Associates.

Bmore Strings is excited to announce that we will be moving to a new studio location starting August 1st, 2021.  Our new studio will be inside the Meadow Mill building conveniently located in the Hampden-Woodberry neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland.

The Meadow Mill building will provide larger studio space for student’s weekly music lessons, group lessons, and studio recitals along with dedicated parking in Meadow Mill’s parking lot for Bmore Strings students and families.  Quietly nestled in the Jones Falls Valley, The Meadow Mill building is minutes away from the heart of Hampden. Bmore Strings visitors can continue to enjoy close-by restaurants and shops on The Avenue in Hampden!

Our new studio at Meadow Mill is currently under construction by Baltimore-based real estate firm Himmelrich Associates, and we will continue to keep Bmore Strings students and families up-to-date on the building progress and the new studio location.

We are looking forward to it, and Meadow Mill is thrilled to have us!

Bmore Strings Covid-19 Guidelines

Bmore Strings is pleased to offer both virtual and in-person music lessons to meet your needs during the Covid-19 health pandemic. In an effort to keep students, families, and teachers safe and healthy during in-person music lessons, please adhere to Bmore Strings Covid-19 Guidelines:

Face Masks & Hygiene

  • Properly fitting masks are required by students, family members, and teachers at all times while inside the building. 
  • Students must practice responsible hand hygiene and sanitize and/or clean their hands before and after each music lesson.
  • Hand sanitizer is available for use in the lobby entrance and also in the studio as well.

Sanitization & Cleaning

  • Shared studio surfaces such music stands, doorknobs, and chairs are all disinfected and cleaned in-between each student.
  • HEPA air filters in the studio continuously filter the air throughout the day.

Social Distancing

  • Students, family members, and teachers should respect social distancing protocol and remain at least 6-feet apart while inside the building.
  • Students should enter the studio only during their lesson time.
  • To limit the number of people in the building, parents and family members are encouraged to wait in their cars during student’s lessons.
  • When requested, 1 parent per-student is allowed to sit-in during music lessons.

Local Health Recources

Online Lessons Guide

Using Zoom

  • Bmore Strings is using the video conferencing program Zoom for online lessons.
  • Prior to your first online lesson, please sign-up and create a Zoom account here: www.zoom.us, and also fill out Bmore Strings’ Video Recording Permission Form here: www.bmorestrings.com/forms.
  • No Zoom application download is required unless you are using a mobile device.  
  • Shortly before your first lesson, you will receive a Zoom lesson invite by email.
  • Lesson notes will be emailed to students by the end of each teaching day.

Virtual Devices

  • Devices being used for online lessons should be fully charged or plugged into a power source. Laptops, desktops, tablets, and smart phones all work with Zoom.
  • Arrange the device’s camera so there is a full view of the student’s upper torso. This camera view should also include the instrument and bow in playing position.

Musical Instrument

  • Please have your instrument tuned and ready to play. For students who need help tuning, we can do this together at the beginning of your lesson.

Metronome & Tuner

  • Please have your metronome and tuner easily accessible. If you do not have a metronome or tuner at home, or if they are digital and the devices are in use, we can use mine during the lesson as needed.

Music Stand

  • Your music stand should be set-up, and ready to use. If you do not have a music stand at home, whatever you use to hold your music while practicing should be fine.

Music Books & Pencil

  • Please have all music books, assignments, and a pencil for taking notes close-by.